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SouthWestern Ohio Beekeepers Association SWOBA

Beekeeping in the tri - States area, Cincinnati and surrounding states and counties

Name Phone Location e-mail
Ackman, Marion   513-683-1498 Loveland / Maineville [email protected]
Babcock, Ray  513-295-7010 C Wyoming [email protected]
Barton, Roger    513-677-1255 Loveland east [email protected]
Bittner, Ross 513-543-4193 Mt Healthy  
Brown, Oscar   513-683-2220   [email protected]
Bruno, Scott
513-353-0150Colerain Twp / Westside
Ford, Dale   513-932-4624 Lebanon Area [email protected]
Fromer, Merrill    513-933-9904 Warren County [email protected]
Harrington, Patty   513-314-3886   [email protected]
Hauser, Carl 513-522-1582 Mt Healthy / Brentwood  
Hubbard, Harold 513-777-1972 Liberty Twp [email protected]
Helton, Robert & Jennie  513-899-9654    
     Holter, Steve    513-608-7761 C       Anderson Twp / Eastgate              [email protected]
Hutchinson, Mike  937-743-1463   [email protected]
Kartal, Andrew 513-382-8246 Blue Ash [email protected]
Kress, Kevin   513-608-7550 Symmes Twp /  Loveland [email protected]
Leever, Gary  513-683-8288 Southern Warren Co  [email protected]
Malinzak, Bob 513-553-1718 Ham / Clermont Co  
Mohat, Robert 513-509-0994 C Deer Park / Blue Ash [email protected]
  Poe, Tony    513-734-0169  513-884-9439
East Side    [email protected]
Popp, Don  513-523-0780  Oxford / Hamilton   [email protected]
Seiller, Bert 513-825-6679 H 513-206-6920 C Springdale [email protected]
Sheffield, Max 513-931-6458 Finneytown [email protected]
Stewart, Rich 513-967-1106 North Bend [email protected]
Williamitis, Tony   513-932-0283  Lebanon Area [email protected]
Zeiner, Mark 513-336-8936   [email protected]