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SouthWestern Ohio Beekeepers Association SWOBA

Beekeeping in the tri - States area, Cincinnati and surrounding states and counties

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Mite Management for Fall and Winter Bee Health

Speaker: Barbara Bloetscher

Date: 16 Nov. 2021

Time: 7:30 PM (EST) (Eastern Standard Time – Cincinnati Time)

Topic: " Mite Management for Fall and Winter Bee Health"

Fees: Free

Where: Online through Zoom, you will receive an automatic email once you registered. If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder.

Bio: Barbara Bloetscher has been the State Entomologist/Apiarist at the Ohio Department of Agriculture since 2009, after working 23 years at The Ohio State University as an entomologist and agronomic diagnostician in Extension. As State Entomologist, she oversees the Apiary Program and identifies insects and other arthropods submitted from Ohio Nursery inspectors and businesses. Barb monitors the County Apiary Inspection Program and addresses honey bee issues in the state.

Barb has kept her own colonies of honey bees for over 35 years and belongs to Central Ohio Beekeepers and OSBA as well as The Ohio Lepidopterists and other insect-related organizations.


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South Western Ohio Beekeepers Association (SWOBA)